Arriving in Granada - What You Need to Know



Granada’s airport, Garcia Lorca, is very small and easy to get around. There’s one terminal, and I’m pretty sure one runway. If you’re staying in or near the city center, I highly recommend taking the Alsa bus 245. It’s a coach bus, not a city bus, and it’s very easy to find - It will be waiting directly outside the terminal for about 20-30 minutes after each flight arrives. You’re able to store luggage underneath the bus, the driver speaks English, and the 40-ish minute ride is only 3 Euros. The alternative is a 30-40 Euro cab ride, so unless you have mobility issues, take the 245 bus. It stops in several locations throughout the city center. I was staying off of Gran Via de Colon not too far from the large Cathedral, and was happy to find the Catedral stop was only a 7-minute walk to my hotel. If you’re departing out of the airport, check the times for the return buses, as the schedule is a little more erratic, but is still very convenient and much cheaper.


Granada’s bus terminal is much larger than the airport! Because of that, it’s a little more difficult to navigate. The buses are on the lower level along with the cafes and restrooms. Ticketing and taxis are upstairs. Alsa buses, the national bus line, arrive from all over Spain hourly. There’s plenty of cabs waiting who can take you the 20 minute drive to the city center for about 10-12 Euros.


The Granada train station is also conveniently located close to the center of  town, a quick cab or slightly longer bus ride into the center. Be forewarned though, that high speed rail doesn’t connect to Granada - you’ll need to go to nearby Antequera and connect to a slower, local train into Granada. I found this out when trying to plan how to get from Granada to Madrid, and was surprised to find the bus being faster.


If you can avoid driving into Granada, do so. The tiny, winding Medieval streets are not made for any kind of car. You should definitely check with your hotel or airbnb, as there are certain areas of town that only licensed cabs are allowed to drive, due to the narrowness of the streets. Your hotel will likely suggest you park in a lot away from downtown and take a cab or bus in.