Solo traveler and planning nerd
who can create a travel itinerary
to match impossible time frames and budgets.

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and I love planning trips. For myself, for my friends, and now for you, the internet. This is a travel blog geared towards helping you find what you want to get out of your solo adventure. In the past I’ve found and sought out adventures such as climbing up 1800 steps in a sarong in Bali, seeking out roadside hot springs in Iceland, and learning how to use bear spray in Montana.

I’ve lived in New York, London, and now Los Angeles.  My day job has involved producing/researching in the TV and film world, where I’ve had to set up shoots and events around both the country and the world. I got into travel as a way to hit a reset button on my otherwise stressful gigs, and knew I could use the same researching skills and resources, honed trying to find local producers in Thailand or filmable restaurants in Cyprus, to help plan my own trips. Given how unpredictable my schedule was, I started traveling solo. I found it was easier to get to where I wanted to go without having to fit into anyone else’s schedule.

I want to connect with fellow travelers, and help you achieve your perfect solo vacation, whether you’re an old pro or new to traveling alone. From suggested itineraries, practical tips, and ways to connect with other ex-pats when you’re feeling lonely abroad, this will be a collection of everything I’ve learned and continue to learn about solo travel.

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