Glacier Montana in 4 Days - My Suggested Itinerary

 NOTE: Below suggested itinerary is for the non-snowy months.


Day 1

Welcome to Big Sky Country!! Pick up your rental car or take a cab into the picturesque town of Whitefish. Check out the main street, with its charming (but pricey) shops and and purchase any outdoor gear you might have forgotten - there’s a few bigger box stores along route 93 south of town if you’re looking for more affordable options. Purchase food for the next day’s outdoor adventures. Grab a meal in town, chat with fellow travelers or locals, and trade recommendations for hiking, canoeing, or camping.

Day 2

Get up early and head out to Glacier National Park. Be on the watch for deer early in the morning; they roam the streets and hang out on the side of the highway in the sunrise hours. Pay your $30 entry fee (good for 7 days), rent yourself bear spray at Glacier Outfitters for $9/day, and talk to the rangers at the visitor’s center to plan out your sightseeing or hiking trails. There are multiple bus tours around the park that you can join if you don’t want to drive, or there are hikes that range from one-hour strolls to all-day treks. I myself did the High Line Trail, which was both fantastic and exhausting! At the end of the day, depending on your energy level, eat at Apgar Village or back in Whitefish. You’ll want to get to bed early.

Day 3

Whichever area of the park you didn’t get to see yesterday, head back today and take more of it in. The Park can take three hours to cross along the main route (going to the Sun Trail), so you really need to pick one area each day and stay there. Maybe today you talk to the folks at Glacier Outfitters about renting a kayak on Lake MacDonald, or joining them for a group tour of one of the surrounding rivers for either whitewater rafting or casually floating.

Day 4

If you’re up for more adventure, head back to the park - there’s so much more to see and do! If your body has had enough, then listen to it and stay in Whitefish. Do some souvenir shopping, check out some of the local breweries and coffee shops, visit the galleries, and if you’re still craving nature, take a walk along the the river to Whitefish Lake.

Local breweries:

Bonsai Brewing Project

Great Northern Brewing Company

For coffee (and curios)

Montana Coffee Traders

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