Montana: My 3-Day Itinerary for Glacier/Whitefish

 This was a quick one!

Day 1

Had lunch and a wine tasting at Glacier Sun Winery, about 10 minutes south of the airport, where I was also able to pick up some snacks to munch on over the next few days


FYI, I have a goal for myself of drinking wine from each of the 50 states, so while this isn’t necessarily a must-see for everyone, it was for me. The wine was just ok.

I then drove up to Glacier National Park to pay my $30 fee and to figure out a plan of attack for my hiking and sightseeing. Rented my bear spray from Glacier Outfitters in Apgar Village and then drove over to Whitefish to check into my Airbnb. I had an absolutely delicious dinner at the slightly upscale Tupelo Grille, chatting with my bar neighbors about the food and the town.


Day 2

I got up bright and early to drive and park at the Apgar Visitor’s Center at Glacier so I could take the 730am shuttle to Logan Pass, which took a little over an hour. I HIGHLY recommend both taking the shuttle and getting there early. Parking is pretty limited out that way and shuttles fill up quickly after 9am. I hiked the 11.4 mile High Line trail from Logan Pass down to the Loop, stopping at Glacier Chalet for lunch, which I talk about more here. For any park hiking, bring food and lots of water. Supplies are non-existent at the Logan Pass Visitor’s Center and very expensive at the Chalet or other outposts. Seriously, lots of water. The high altitude means dry air and that sun can be unforgiving. After destroying my joints on the trail, I ate an early dinner at Eddie’s Cafe in Apgar village, which was both surprisingly good and had a decent beer selection for a National Park restaurant. It’s a well-known fact that a beer after a long hike tastes better than a beer almost any other time.

Day 3

I headed back to Glacier early to do a quick hike from the Avalanche Creek shuttle stop, which had a little more shade and was a little less taxing than the previous day. I made it…maybe a third of the way before my knees and ankles started to give out on me. From the Visitor’s Center, I drove down to Kalispell to check out that town prior to my flight. Kalispell is a bit larger and felt a little less cozy than Whitefish. Going from one to the other, Kalispell is a little underwhelming. However, I had a very good lunch at Montana Coffee Traders, where I spent awhile taking advantage of their good wifi after two days of spotty service in and around the park.

I wandered around Kalispell only slightly longer as I had to get to the airport to return my car and check in for my flight. As the car rental agency is within the airport, and lines overall are short, I needed less than an hour to do both!

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